Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 14:23 GMT on Tuesday, 6th November 2012.
Council in consultation e-mail blunder

Picture is copyright of Save Abronhill High School Campaign.
NORTH Lanarkshire Council suffered a slight embarrassment yesterday afternoon as a council official mistook a consultation response from a supporter of the Save Abronhill High School campaign as a response to the consultation regarding the closure of Motherwell school Calder Primary School and Nursery Class.

The North Lanarkshire Council official e-mailed the sender back and told her to: “Please accept my apologies in sending you the wrong acknowledgment. I was covering for colleagues who are on annual leave and I got a bit mixed up in relation to the two consultations currently ongoing.”

The official’s actions come as North Lanarkshire Council continues its consultation into the future of Calder Primary School and Nursery Class, in Motherwell.

The council official added: “Please be assured that your correspondence has been logged under the correct Consultation.”

The mix-up added humiliation to a proposal which has already faced embarrassment through poor consultation responses and a poor distribution of the council’s “Way Ahead” consultative booklet on some of the £73 million cuts.

James McKinstry, Head of Educational Resources, Learning and Leisure Services, commented: "It's important to emphasise that the Learning and Leisure Services Committee has not taken a final decision on the proposals.

"It is essential that members of the community are involved in the consultation. If they have any alternative proposals to put forward, then these will be fully considered."

The consultation closes in late November and the Learning and Leisure Committee will consider the proposals and consultation responses in February.





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