Cumbernauld Community Park publish August update

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 21:44 GMT on Friday, 14th September 2012.

CUMBERNAULD Community Park have posted their official August 2012 update, talking about the group’s events and progress throughout the past month.

The update, which is copied below, is prepared by Cumbernauld Community Park and does not represent the views of Cumbernauld Media – nor its affiliates, contributors or employees.

August is the holiday month but there is always something going on. On the 5th we ran a “Walkies” event for dog walkers with a route which went down the Community Park and then past Arria. The walkers this year raised charity funding for the PDSA. Also in attendance were NLC Dog Wardens, Trophy Dog Foods to provide information on nutrition and the well-stocked Espresso Coffee stall. There was a steady stream of people all morning and a great variety of dogs of all sizes. Unfortunately our typical Scottish “summer” intervened around 1.00 o’clock leaving vehicles marooned in giant puddles and a much reduced flow of visitors.

On 10th August we met the assessors for the Cumbernauld entry into this year’s “Keep Scotland Beautiful” campaign and added our new woods, ponds and paths into the mix.

On 15th August a small group of local residents and their children planted up a block of 80 cowslips and spread sweeps of foxgloves and yellow horned poppy seed on the strip past where the Play Park is to be constructed. The hope is that these and more wild flower plugs planted in blocks will create a more colourful border than broadcast seed creates.

Iain McLean made a site visit to the wetlands area at the foot of the Park on 17th August to check out the site of the next large pond which will be dug out in September. The ponds already in this field have been successful in terms of the frogs seen among the reeds and the deer that pause here to drink.

A meeting on 31st August with Play services allowed a close look at the Quantity Surveyors Report on the Play Park. As costs have increased vastly in the past year a number of adjustments have had to be made but it is still on track, tenders are due to go out and work should start by the year end.

Next month: AGM, Consultation Report, paths, ponds and more meetings.