Cumbernauld Community Park committee discuss July progress

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 12:26 GMT on Monday, 13th August 2012.


CUMBERNAULD Community Park have been discussing what has been happening around the park since the start of last month.

Discussing all that the group has done over the past month, the monthly updates are posted on the Cumbernauld Community Park Project’s website.

July has been a time for finishing projects rather than starting new ones as befits a period when most are trying to get away from the weather, schools are on holiday and Emails bring up the “Out of Office” headline. Work does, however, still go on and should still be recorded here.

The bridge aside leads from the Eastfield Cemetery Extension through to the field where the Froglife ponds were dug last year. The next stage is to join this point to the bridge below the Bellisle estate, another task for the Restorative Justice team. Full reports of the bridges which were constructed by the local TA unit 124 Sqn RE, and our thanks to them were carried by the Cumbernauld News.

Other paths ongoing are those in the Craighalbert Quarry and the grass paths now mown by Central Scotland Forest Trust along the desire lines round the newly planted Diamond Jubilee Wood. The crossroads aside is the point where we will set up the rock below, specifically carved for us. All we need now is a low-loader and a way of lifting it from Craighalbert into the middle of the Community Park.

Finishing this month also is our specially commissioned public Consultation. The draft Report should be in our hands early in August. We have gone out to 100 local organisations, schools, 4,000 households and conducted another 100 face to face interviews which include Park users, Councillors and Council officers who have been involved in the development of the Community Park plus those who completed the survey via our website.

We are still working our way through the Quantity Surveyors Report on the Play Park which will advise the tenders going out for its construction. It is hoped that we can make an announcement on a start (and completion) date in a future Monthly Update in autumn this year. Holidays now! Sunshine?