NHS Lanarkshire and Strathclyde Fire Service announce fire safety partnership

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:48 BST on Monday 16th July 2012.

NHS Lanarkshire have announced a new agreement with Strathclyde Fire and Rescue which will see the two organisations work in tandem to further improve safety at NHS Lanarkshire’s premises.


Both bodies signed a partnership concordat which commits them to more formal ways of working to further reduce the risk of fire, earlier this week saying that safety is a “number one priority”.


Such collaboration between a health board and a Scottish Fire and Rescue service is the first of its kind in Scotland and the partnership is aimed at giving fire safety more prominence.


Ian Ross, NHS Lanarkshire’s acting chief executive signed the concordat on behalf of NHS Lanarkshire.


Commenting, Ian said: “The wellbeing of our staff and patients is our number one priority which means safety is an issue which is regularly addressed.


“With over 100 buildings across 62 sites which we manage and maintain, this concordat formally underpins the already established partnership working we have in place with SF&R.


Ian added: “It also commits us to further developing this which will help strengthen the safety procedures we already have in place.”


As part of the partnership, the concordat includes plans to:


  • Ensure compliance with all relevant Fire Safety Legislation and the mandatory requirements of NHS Scotland Firecode Health Technical Memoranda,
  • Agree and discuss protocols with regard to the findings of Fire Risk Assessments and Action Plans to implement any required improvements,
  • Enter into informal discussions with regard to information and intelligence gathering by fire service operational crews during routine inspections,
  • Introduce a programme of joint inspections,
  • Discuss possible measures that could be introduced to alleviate and correct any fire safety failures found as a result of Fire Safety Audits in NHS Lanarkshire owned or occupied premise,
  • Actively discuss and agree methods of reducing unwanted fire alarm signals within premises.


Strathclyde Fire and Rescue assistant chief officer Lewis Ramsey, who signed the agreement on behalf of the fire service, said: “We already have some well-established examples of joint working between both organisations which includes, quarterly meetings to discuss fire safety compliance and the development of fire investigation and report writing training, which will be rolled out to all NHS Boards.


Lewis added: “We are always looking to improve safety and this concordat does that.”