Cumbernauld Gala Day organisers hope for nice weather

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 15:01 BST on Thursday 12th July 2012.

With only two days to go until Cumbernauld’s Town Centre becomes a colourful cavalcade some have become alerted by the possibility of rough weather for the town’s third Gala Day.

Yesterday (11th July), a Cumbernauld Gala Day co-ordinator posted on the group’s Facebook page saying: “Just three days to go! We are all doing Sun Dances as we want our Gala Day to remain outside! I hope you are all doing Sun Dances too.”

With the main event starting at 11am, and the crowning of the Gala’s Queen and Princesses at noon, it is hoped that the weather will hold out for the parade, at least. say that they will soon be launching an events page to bring constant weather updates to events to be held throughout Cumbernauld, with its launch due before the Gala Day.

The Met Office predicts, however, that Saturday’s event is unlikely to be hit by rain, with the top temperature expected to reach 13 °C, with Cumbernauld predicted to be overcast on Saturday morning, with sunny intervals predicted throughout Saturday afternoon.

Laura Wallace, Cumbernauld Gala Day Co-ordinator, said: “The good news is that we [Cumbernauld Gala Day Organisers] have a failsafe; we have the Link Centre that everything can get moved into, so we’re ready.”

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