Cumbernauld House Trust hold Annual General Meeting

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 16:20 BST on Tuesday 3rd July 2012.

Cumbernauld's House Trust held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) last night (2nd July) in Cumbernauld Theatre, to discuss a number of burning issues.


The Trust's committee, of Chair Robert McAllen, Events Co-ordinator Stephen O'Connor and Publicity Officer Adam Smith gathered in the theatre's lower bar to elect the Trust's committee, with eight office bearer positions up for election.

Opening proceedings, the Trust's Chairman, Robert McAllen said that now “ a new time for us [Cumbernauld House Trust].”


Once electoral proceedings were fully under-way it was clear that Robert McAllen would remain the Trust's Chair, with the Vice-Chair and Publicity Officer positions continuing under the watchful eye of Adam Smith.


Stephen O'Connor formally resigned as the Trust's Secretary, becoming the group's Events Co-ordinator; Scott Fergus became the Trust's Treasurer; Archie Rose became the Trust's Secretary with the positions of Grants Officer and Administrator set to be fulfilled later this week.


Continuing on to discuss official group business, the Trust's Chair noted that “We

[Cumbernauld House Trust] now have a formal agreement with Cumbernauld Theatre to hold this meetings on the first Monday of every month.”


The group's activities throughout Cumbernauld were next on the agenda, with the Trust firmly focused on delivering an oral history series, utilising social media, smart phone applications and local school pupils to teach of Cumbernauld's history; from the town's ancient roots to the New Town experience.


Robert McAllen, the Trust's Chairman noted that the group's oral history experience may not start until later this year, with a number of funding applications being sent off in order to make the dream a reality.


Moving on from community activities, the Trust's members considered the group's online presence, with Mr McAllen noting that their website saw “...pretty decent numbers,” as he announced the Trust's website saw its “...biggest visitor numbers on record.”


Continuing on, the Trust's members began to discuss how their online, and offline, popularity could be translated into funding, to help the Trust kick start their plans to turn Cumbernauld Village's Old Primary School into a community hub.


Plans included numerous community based fundraising events, with a race night on the cards. Additionally, Cumbernauld Media can reveal that Cumbernauld House Trust will soon be launching an SMS hotline, whereby donors can text key words to a unique number, allowing the Trust to gather funds through text, for their activities.


Details will be released soon by the House Trust but the group's Chair noted that the technology was “fantastic.”


After the meeting had been drawn to a close, Cumbernauld Media's Scott Campbell caught up with Robert McAllen, with a video interview available through our Cumbernauld Television service available soon.


Commenting on the night's proceedings, Mr McAllen said: “The event went very well. I was a little disappointed by the numbers but we were pretty short notice and the weather was abysmal tonight.


“It would have been nice to have more people here tonight but we knew that a lot of people weren't going to be coming along.


When asked about the Trust's work over the past year, Robert said: “The group has done very well over the past year. We have worked very hard on a lot of different areas and now we have a got ourselves a lot of very specific projects for the future; the oral history project and the project with the school.”