Council let Cumbernauld down on flood reaction

Written by Scott Campbell.
Published at 17:21 BST on Friday 13th July 2012.
Following on from some of the heaviest rain on record, Cumbernauld’s roads, paths and underpasses were waterlogged, which led Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’s SNP MSP, Jamie Hepburn, to write to North Lanarkshire Council’s Chief Executive to ask why there was no direct flood reporting line.


Following on from Mr Hepburn’s letter, North Lanarkshire Council said that they would “look into the points” which the MSP had raised, and soon published flood contact details on their website.

Then, Cumbernauld Media gathered your views through our email, Facebook and Twitter accounts, asking ‘Was Cumbernauld taken back by the rain, could more have been done? Did North Lanarkshire Council fail, or do their best, when the rain hit? Could they better prepare, or was there just nothing they can do?’

Responses to our questions were:

Paul Cochrane: “The same roads seem to flood all the time, even when the rain isn't as torrential as it has been recently. Other than that, nothing I saw would lead me to think that the rain caused any real problems here.”


C.J. Friel: “North Lanarkshire Council couldne prepare for a wet fart, nevermind weather!”


John Flannagan: “I think they were prepared to the best possible standards given the sudden nature of the heavy rainfall, although some problem areas did suffer some heavy flooding as usual, which in fairness was due largely to a lack of rigorous planning several years/decades ago and are thus not the fault of the current council. That said, this should hopefully have been a learning experience for the council, in case of more severe weather in the near future.”

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