About Us

Launched in November 2010, Cumbernauld Media became a reality after the failed launch of printed news publisher “Cumbernauld Gazette.”
After months of planning it was decided that the Cumbernauld Gazette would go online and instead be an online news publisher.
Launched officially on November 24th, the website was known as Cumbernauldnl.info, before a rebranding process saw it become Cumbernauld online and finally Cumbernauld Media.
Since Cumbernauld Media launched we have continually grown and the website is now a well respected, main stream hyper-local website, publishing news articles of relative connection to Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.
Designed to meet the news needs of the residents of Cumbernauld, Cumbernauld Media also serves as a positive image campaigner, rebutting the negative image that surrounds Cumbernauld and its residents.
Now heading up campaigns and consultations, Cumbernauld Media continues to grow and the continued success of the website has seen the launch of Central Scotland Media; a website publishing news relating to the Central region of Scotland.
So how have we evolved? Well we started out on Google Sites, continually updating the feel, interaction of the website before we moved to Wordpress and eventually back home to Google Sites.
Now, with a more professional look of our stories, we are gaining ground and although not a member of any press agency, we continue to deliver the latest local bulletins, events and news.
So since November 2010, the website has had changed itself seven times, going from a blank slate to a popular hyper local website, however, how did our graphics keep up?
To the right you can see all of the logos that we've ever designed. Have a look through and decide what one is your favourite. Please note that all of our logos belong to us and any unauthorised copying or republication, without prior consent from us, may infringe copyright laws. However, we like promotion so if you want to use any of our logos just contact us.
Above: First Logo
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Above: Current Logo