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A Step Forward  Cumbernauld House 24 March 2011 
Ian Lennox Absconds From Open Prison Crime and Justice 30 March 2011 
Non Cumbernauld Councillors Had "Playground" Attitude in Motherwell Hearing  Cumbernauld House 31 March 2011 
Showcasing Cumbernauld Talent  Cumbernauld's Got Talent 31 March 2011 
Cumbernauld Citizens Are Cross At Council's Cumbernauld House Decision Cumbernauld House 31 March 2011 
North Lanarkshire Council Approve Cumbernauld House Planning  Cumbernauld House 31 March 2011 
The Next Day... Cumbernauld House 1 April 2011 
Cumbernauld's Got Talent Finalists Are Announced Cumbernauld's Got Talent 1 April 2011 Name and Shame Councillors Responsible for Childish Behaviour At Motherwell  Cumbernauld House, North Lanarkshire Council 2 April 2011 
New Housing Project At North Road Kicks Off  Housing, North Lanarkshire Council 10 April 2011 
Local Cabbies Are Feelin' The Pinch Business, Fuel Prices 10 April 2011 Catch Up With Palacerigg Country Park Manager, Chris Benard Palacerigg Country Park, Interview 10 April 2011 
Lucky Old Colts Get 400K Grant Cumbernauld Colts, Grants, Community Football, Sport 10 April 2011 
North Lanarkshire Council Cuts Close Down Frontline Care Home  North Lanarkshire Council, Care Services 19 April 2011 Catch Up With Airport Operations At Cumbernauld Airport  Interview, Cumbernauld Airport 19 April 2011 Catch Up With Cumbernauld MP, Gregg McClymont Interview, Gregg McClymont MP 19 April 2011 
Coming To A Letter Box Near You... FRAUD  Charity, Fraud 20 April 2011 Check Out Cumbernauld's Very Own Recording Studio  Business, Entertainment, Music 20 April 2011 
Inside The Cumbernauld Mosque  Cumbernauld Mosque, Religion, Interview 20 April 2011 
April 20th. The Day Cumbernauld Warmed Up.  Weather 20 April 2011 
Farmfoods Sales and Profits Heat Up  Business, Farmfoods 21 April 2011 Catch Up With North Lanarkshire Provost, Councillor Tom Curley  Interview, North Lanarkshire Council 21 April 2011 
Silent Cumbernauld Candidates  Election 2011, Politics 25 April 2011 
Decorative Promotion Business, Promotion 26 April 2011 
We Draw At Dawn  Cowboy Traders 27 April 2011 
Samantha McInnes Launches Her New Educational Blog  Health, Interview, Website 28 April 2011 
Let Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Choose  Election 2011, Politics 2 May 2011 
How To Vote In The 2011 Election & Referendum  Election 2011 2 May 2011 
Play Park Consultation For Community Park North Lanarkshire Council 4 May 2011 
IN VIDEO: Jamie Hepburn's Constituency Victory  Election 2011, Politics 5 May 2011 
The Constituency Battle Is On  Election 2011, Politics 5 May 2011 
Sam Has Big Plans To Take Her ME Message Wide  Health, Website 6 May 2011 
Singing Kettle Return To Cumbernauld  Entertainment, Music 6 May 2011 
Cumbernauld's New MSP Is Rarely To Hold His First Surgeries  Politics 9 May 2011 
Local MSP's Twitter Blurp  Abronhill, Politics, Social Media 16 May 2011 
How One Kildrum Resident Will Benefit The Lives Of So Many Charity, Interview 21 May 2011 
Its Not Quite The End Of The Line, Yet  Dullatur, Politics, ScotRail 21 May 2011 
Stay Safe During High Winds Weather 23 May 2011 
Choo Choo Crazy: The Day The Train Services Stopped Transport, Weather 25 May 2011 
Hepburn Sets Out His Term Priorities Politics 29 May 2011 
Gregg and Mark Support Multiple Sclerosis Society's Awareness Campaign  Politics 29 May 2011 
Gregg's Trip Down Memory Lane Politics 29 May 2011 
Cumbernauld Enviromental Society Meeting: 26th May  Community, Cumbernauld Environmental Society, Environment 29 May 2011 
MSP Encourages Consultation Participation  Car Parking, Politics 29 May 2011 
Sam's ME Group Vision Takes A Step Closer To Reality  Health 29 May 2011 
Get Ready For Fun In The Park  Entertainment, Fun In The Park 30 May 2011 
Cumbernauld House Trust Are To Hold AGM  Cumbernauld House Trust 30 May 2011 
Darvel Goes Digital: Get Set As Digital Comes To Cumbernauld  Digital Switchover 30 May 2011 
Cumbernauld House Park Fun Day Arranged  Entertainment, Cumbernauld House Park 31 May 2011 
Dust Down Those Dancing Shoes  Lanarkshire 2011 International Childrens' Games 1 June 2011 
Share Your News and Events Contribution appeal 3 June 2011 
Soaking Up Some Summer Sun, In The Park  Fun In The Park 5 June 2011 
Blooming Brilliant  Charity 6 June 2011 
Cumbernauld House Trust Re- Brand On The Cards  Community, Cumbernauld House Trust 6 June 2011 
Not History Yet. Cumbernauld Archives Are Given Until Spring 2012 North Lanarkshire Council 6 June 2011 
Cumbernauld Is Ready To Hold Exteme Stunt Show  Entertainment 8 June 2011 
Analogue Axed As Cumbernauld Goes Digital  Digital Switchover 8 June 2011 
Local MP Is "Man Of The Match"  Charity, Politics, Sport 8 June 2011 
Local MP Praises School's Report Success  Education, Politics 8 June 2011 
Cumbernauld MSP Welcomes Cumbernauld Primary Grant News  Education, Politics 8 June 2011 
MSP Visits School's Eco Event  Education, Environment, Politics 8 June 2011 
Chill Out At Castlecary, With Summer Deals Entertainment 8 June 2011 
Pre-Walk Excitement. Neil Gives His Outlook For Fundraising Walk  Charity 9 June 2011 
Local MP Gets Gardening  Politics 11 June 2011 
Candidates Fight For Votes  Election 2011 11 June 2011 
Cumbernauld Needs A Bus Station, Hepburn Says  Politics, Transport 12 June 2011 
Jamie's Politics. We Chat To Jamie Hepburn MSP  Interview, Politics 12 June 2011 Catch Up With Cumbernauld MP, Gregg McClymont  Interview, Politics 12 June 2011 
Getting Fit For Samaritan's Purse  Charity 13 June 2011 
Team Lanarkshire Unveil Who Their New Sponsor Is  Lanarkshire 2011 International Childrens' Games 13 June 2011 
Jamie Hepburn Visits The Antonine Centre Care Home  Care, Politics 15 June 2011 
Hepburn Is Sworn In As Cumbernauld And Kilsyth MSP  Election 2011, Politics 15 June 2011 
Cheerio Cathie, As Hepburn Steals Cumbernauld  Election 2011, Politics 15 June 2011 
MSP Wants To Put The Brakes On Car Parking Charges  Car Parking, Politics 16 June 2011 
Local MSP Welcomes Cumbernauld to Glasgow Upgrade News  Politics, ScotRail, Transport 16 June 2011 
Cumbernauld's Going Fibre Internet upgrades 16 June 2011 
Local MP Wants To Put The Brakes On Fuel VAT Increase  Politics 21 June 2011  
MP Celebrates Legion's 90th Anniversary  Charity, Politics 25 June 2011 
MSP's Disappointment At Nursery Closure  Abronhill, Education, Politics 25 June 2011 
MSP Calls For Loch Improvements  Environment, Politics 25 June 2011 
Local MP Exposes HMRC Redundancy Figures  HMRC, Politics 25 June 2011 
Greenfauld's Birthday Bash  Greenfaulds High School 25 June 2011 
Condorrat's John Burke To Be In "Riding"  Community, Politics 25 June 2011 
Turning The Page On 50 Years, Of The Cumbernauld News  Cumbernauld News, Politics 26 June 2011 
Jumping Through Hoops To Save The Cumbernauld Chiefs Community, Cumbernauld Chiefs Basketball Club, Interview, Sports 26 June 2011 
North Lanarkshire Council Are Going Electric  North Lanarkshire Council 27 June 2011 
Is Cumbernauld Missing Out In The International Children's Games?  Lanarkshire 2011 International Childrens' Games 27 June 2011 
Be A Savvy Saver and Pinch Those Pennies  Finance 28 June 2011 
Store Clerk Held Up For Cigarettes Crime and Justice 28 June 2011 
Bobby Gives Us His Summary On May's Enivromental Meeting  Interview, Cumbernauld Environmental Society 28 June 2011 
Breaking Out This Summer  Entertainment, North Lanarkshire Council 29 June 2011 
Trash Talk: Kilsyth Residents Are Fed Up With Rubbish Littering Kilsyth  Environment, Litter 29 June 2011 Poll Shows "Cost Of Living" Is Up  Polls and Surveys 29 June 2011 
Race To The Finish Line Of Fundraising  Charity 29 June 2011 
Neil's Tickets Are Racing Out Of The Stalls Charity 30 June 2011 
Enough Is Enough! Supporters Turn Out At Cumbernauld PCS Protest  Unions 30 June 2011 
Local MSP Worried About Local Care Home's Future  Care, Politics 30 June 2011 
Bru'd In Cumbernauld, Fae Girders. Barrs Open Doors To Public  Doors Open Days 1 July 2011 
Cumbernauld's Lost Dogs, Can You Help?  Animals 1 July 2011 
Getting Ready For Her M.E. Support Group  Health, Website 2 July 2011 
Some Of This Weekends Events Entertainment 2 July 2011 
Purrrrfect Weather  Weather 3 July 2011 
Local MSP Praises Support Group's Conference Success  Community, Health, Politics 4 July 2011 
Hepburn Welcomes Burke To Scottish Parliament  Politics 4 July 2011 
Thorntons To Disappear As The Company Reaches The Big 100  Business, Thorntons 4 July 2011 
Central Scotland MSP, Margaret Mitchell Supports New Diabetes Initiative  Health, Politics 4 July 2011 
Local MSP, Jamie Heburn, Says No To NHS's Treatment Room Proposals  Health, Politics 4 July 2011 
Kildrum Footbridges To Close, Whilst Refurbishments Take Place North Lanarkshire Council 5 July 2011 
Get The Kids Away, Get On The Train Transport 5 July 2011 
Getting Ready For The Cumbernauld 10K Cumbernauld 10K, Fitness, NL Leisure, North Lanarkshire Council 5 July 2011 
Online Community Action Group Raises Their Issues With Kilsyth Litter  Environment, Litter 6 July 2011 
MSP Wants Handbrake Turn On Road Spending Cut  Politics, Transport 6 July 2011 
Cumbernauld To Get A £1.2million Investment In Elderly Facilities  North Lanarkshire Council, Care, The Elderly 7 July 2011 
Cumbernauld Village To Be Hit With Diversions As Patching Works Takes Place  Transport 7 July 2011 
No Lacklustre Approach To Road Safety North Lanarkshire Council, Transport 8 July 2011 
Hepburn Hails Healthcare Hygiene Health, Politics 8 July 2011 
Sam's Successful Support Session  Health 8 July 2011 
Kilsyth Academy's Ties With Rwanda  School, Tourism 8 July 2011 
More Patching Works To Take Place  Roads, Transport 10 July 2011 
Local Diabetes Support Group Reaches Its First Anniversary Health, NHS Lanarkshire 11 July 2011 
Getting The Ball Rolling On The High Rise Project  Housing, Sanctuary Cumbernauld 11 July 2011 
Happy At The Hat Trix, As Neil's Race Night Takes Off  Charity 11 July 2011 
Cumbernauld's Got Water!  Scottish Water 12 July 2011 
Cumbernauld Looking At A Dry Night  Scottish Water 12 July 2011 
Cumbernauld's Thirsty Thousands  Scottish Water 12 July 2011 
Kildrum Roundabout To Be Hit With Closure Roads, Transport 13 July 2011 
Further Road Works To Take Place, Later This Month  Roads, Transport, North Lanarkshire Council 13 July 2011 
Take Advantage Of The Early Bird Special  Cumbernauld 10K, Fitness, NL Leisure, North Lanarkshire Council 13 July 2011 
Don't Cry Over Leaked Water  Scottish Water 13 July 2011 
Bye Bye Blairlinn  North Lanarkshire Council 13 July 2011 
MSPs Worry About A Possible Future Without Southern Cross Care, Politics 14 July 2011 
Footbridge Repairs Begin  Roads, Transport 14 July 2011 
Scottish Water Ready To Let The Questions Flood In  Consultation, Scottish Water 14 July 2011 
Scottish Water Are Four Weeks Into Their Water Mains Improvment Plan  Scottish Water 14 July 2011 
The Past Week In Pictures Media content 18 July 2011 
First Fares On The Increase  Finance, Transport 18 July 2011 
The Circus Is Coming to Cumbernauld  Entertainment, Zippos Circus 18 July 2011 
Lucky Escape, As A Helicopter Crashes At Cumbernauld Airport  Aviation, Cumbernauld Airport 20 July 2011 
Local Kilsyth Football Team Are On The Look Out For New Players  Community Football, Sport 21 July 2011 
Local MSP Wants X-Ray Suspenion Ended And The Services Returned  Health, Politics 21 July 2011 
Heavy Rain Delays The Removal Of M80 Speed Cap  Roads, Weather 22 July 2011's Community Consultation: Cumbernauld Town Centre  Polls and Surveys 22 July 2011 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP Welcomes M80 Speed Cap Removal  Politics 26 July 2011 
NHS Lanarkshire Announce New Service As Part Of Their Eye-health Scheme Health, NHS Lanarkshire 26 July 2011 
Seafar And Greenfaulds Are Next To Be Hit By Traffic Diversions Roads, Transport 26 July 2011 
Neil And Paul's Agony Has Paid Off, Literally  Charity 26 July 2011 
Cumbernauld Unemployment On The Rise  Benefits, Employment 26 July 2011 
NHS Lanarkshire Extend Invitation For People To Attend Patient Chest Club  Health, NHS Lanarkshire 28 July 2011 
Cinderella Is Coming To Cumbernauld For Christmas  Cumbernauld Theatre, Entertainment 28 July 2011 
Cumbernauld Community Park Scoop Up A Win  Cumbernauld Community Park, Grants 28 July 2011 
Scottish and Southern Energy Are Keeping Their Lips Sealed  Scottish and Southern Energy 28 July 2011 
Local MSP Congratulates Local Group On Grant Success  Cumbernauld Community Park 28 July 2011 
Electric Cars Come Into Operation  North Lanarkshire Council 1 August 2011 
Caravan Convoy Come To Cumbernauld   1 August 2011 
Creating Heat In The Kitchen, Deborah Has The "Perfect Dish"  Catering, Cumbernauld College 1 August 2011 
Preparations Are Underway For Cumbernauld Gala Day  Cumbernauld Gala Day 5 August 2011 
Cumbernauld's Stray Dogs, Can You Help?  Animals, North Lanarkshire Council 5 August 2011 
A Tidal Wave Of Anger Engulfs The Neon Waves  Neon Waves, Roads, North Lanarkshire Council 5 August 2011 
Further Disruption To Kildrum Road  Roads, Transport 5 August 2011 
Local Survey Reveals Residents Feelings Towards Neon Waves  Neon Waves, Roads, North Lanarkshire Council 5 August 2011 
Daffodil Tea Fundraiser Was A Blooming Success Charity, Politics 11 August 2011 
MSP Tables Motion To Congratulates BMX Club's Grant Success  Community, Politics, Sport 14 August 2011 
Jamie Wants Answers Over Claims Of Home Care Price Increase  Care, North Lanarkshire Council, Politics 14 August 2011 
Planning Committee Reject Planning Permission On Balloch Phone Mast  Planning, North Lanarkshire Council, Vodafone 14 August 2011 
Sweetening Up Your Daily Commute  Food and Drink, Transport 14 August 2011 
Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Prepare To Hold Cumbernauld Open Day  Doors Open Days, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue 14 August 2011 
Tributes Flood In To Mourn Murdered Kilsyth Teenager  Crime and Justice 14 August 2011 
Cumbernauld's Popular Town Artist Passes Away  Brian Miller's death 14 August 2011 
NHS Lanarkshire Promote Oral Health At International Children's Games  Health, Lanarkshire 2011 International Childrens' Games, NHS Lanarkshire 14 August 2011 
Summer Holidays Are Coming To A Close  North Lanarskhire Council 15 August 2011 
Opposition Towards 39 Proposed Housing Sites Goes Social  Housing, North Lanarkshire Council 23 August 2011 
One More Week To Sign Up Cumbernauld 10K Event  Cumbernauld 10K, Fitness, NL Leisure, North Lanarkshire Council 23 August 2011 
MSP Wants Action On Wyndford Road  Politics, Transport 25 August 2011 
Flats are well on track for hand over, later this year Housing, Sanctuary Cumbernauld 22 October 2011 
Scottish Water issue advice on winter weather preparations Scottish Water, Weather 22 October 2011 
Local MSP condemns Boundary Commission's proposals Jamie Hepburn MSP 22 October 2011 
Local MSP wants people to make views known on broadband speed debate Broadband, Jamie Hepburn MSP 22 October 2011 
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue launch winter safety  Strathclyde Fire and Rescue  25 October 2011 
College students prepare to go to the polls Cumbernauld College 26 October 2011 
Get ready to "wear it pink"  Charity 26 October 2011 
Better services for sufferers of lymphoedema in Lanarkshire  Health, NHS Lanarkshire 26 October 2011 
Contractor publishes winter information  Weather 26 October 2011 
Central Scotland MSP say FOI results are " scandalous"  Health, Margaret Mitchell MSP 26 October 2011 North Lanarkshire Council, Transport 28 October 2011 
Waves issue makes ripples in Scottish Parliament Politics, Neon Waves 29 October 2011 
Christmas Show arrangements unwrapped  Entertainment 4 November 2011 
Council want student views on station plans  Cumbernauld College, North Lanarkshire Council, Transport 4 November 2011 
Students pull together fancy dress day arrangements Charity, Cumbernauld College 5 November 2011 
Fire service issue bonfire safety message Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Guy Fawkes Night 5 November 2011 
Cumbernauld to welcome new signs  North Lanarkshire Council 7 November 2011 
Cumbernauld named as one of the Olympic Torch Relay Towns  London 2012 Olympics 7 November 2011 
Quiet night was a record for SFR Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Guy Fawkes Night 7 November 2011 
Full Christmas arrangements unveiled  Entertainment 7 November 2011 
Big changes to come to Cumbernauld by next year   8 November 2011 
Jack Duffy says Christmas switch on will be a "great day"  Entertainment 9 November 2011 
Charity wins from recycling boost Charity, Environment 15 November 2011 
Work begins on Wetherspoons pub Cumbernauld Shopping Centre, Wetherspoons 15 November 2011 
X Factor star counts in Cumbernauld's Christmas celebrations TCA Local, Christmas, Cumbernauld Shopping Centre 26 November 2011 
Council services to be hit with disruption as Britain goes on strike  North Lanarkshire Council, Unions 26 November 2011 
Britain goes on strike: What'll be open and closed  Unions 26 November 2011 
Cumbernauld waves issue rears its head on new BBC show  Neon Waves, North Lanarkshire Council 4 December 2011 
Cumbernauld College takes home three awards  Cumbernauld College 4 December 2011 
Cumbernauld could see 10cms of snow over next two days  Weather 4 December 2011 
Winter safety campaign launched, focusing on alcohol Alcohol, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue 4 December 2011 
Town's MSP tells Cumbernauld Media what he's been up to this week Blog, Politics 4 December 2011 
Cumbernauld saw a "mild" winter  Weather 27 December 2011 
2011: A year of sadness as Cumbernauld loses original key players   27 December 2011 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's MSP says regionalisation should put colleges first  Cumbernauld College, Jamie Hepburn MSP 27 December 2011 
Shoe insoles research is a "world first" NHS Lanarkshire 27 December 2011 
Industry report is welcomed by Scottish Water  Scottish Water 27 December 2011 
Train fares to go up in January Transport, ScotRail 27 December 2011 
Chief Constable impressed by council's winter response  North Lanarkshire Council, Weather 27 December 2011 
Come one, come all; new club launches in Cumbernauld  Community 29 December 2011 
Weather predictions say that New Year will be a wet and windy one Met Office, Weather, Winter 30 December 2011 
Stay safe during the festive season and get a smoke  Strathclyde Fire and Rescue 30 December 2011 
Cumbernauld's Airport Cafe opens under new management  Cumbernauld Airport, Food and Drink 30 December 2011 
Council announce multi-million pound refurbishment to social housing  Housing, North Lanarkshire Council 30 December 2011 
Stay warm this winter Politics, Weather 30 December 2011 
Train services to be hit with disruption as engineering works take place ScotRail, Transport 30 December 2011 
Council advise blue badge holders of what to do when new badges come in next week  Disability, North Lanarkshire Council 30 December 2011 
Time to get in shape? Then take our tips... New Year, Fitness 30 December 2011 
Eighth Creative Residency exhibition opens  Arts 23 January 2012 
Cumbernauld's take on Scottish independence  Independence, Politics 23 January 2012 
1 in 5 children in Cumbernauld live in poverty  Income, Poverty 23 January 2012 
Town's local MP talks politics with local students Cumbernauld College, Politics 23 January 2012 
We're going fortnightly Blog, Cumbernauld Media 23 January 2012 
Auchinstarry Quarry to be closed for one month for "essential repair works"  Construction 23 January 2012 
Cumbernauld community groups come up trumps in annual awards ceremony  Commnunity 23 January 2012 
Glasgow Warriors fly-half praises Cumbernauld College  Cumbernauld College, Sport 23 January 2012 
Cumbernauld College opens applications for summer courses  Cumbernauld College 23 January 2012 
Cumbernauld Theatre plans night to celebrate the 'Life of Brian'  Cumbernauld Theatre, Entertainment 23 January 2012 
Cumbernauld College encourages local youths to attend unemployment workshop  Cumbernauld College, Employment 23 January 2012 
Welcoming Wetherspoons to Cumbernauld Cumbernauld Shopping Centre, Wetherspoons 23 January 2012 
Tah-tah Tummel Way; and don't come back! A8011, Central Way, North Lanarkshire Council 23 January 2012 
"Good feedback" received from Croy's EGIP consultation evening  Transport 23 January 2012 
Council's committee cancels car parking charges proposals  North Lanarkshire Council, Transport 5 February 2012 
Cumbernauld's a busy one, politically  Politics 6 February 2012 
Griffin's grudge with Woolies' Worker pay out  Mark Griffin MSP, Politics 6 February 2012 
Health issues raised in new NHS Youtube video  Health, NHS Lanarkshire 6 February 2012 
Firefighters battled Thursday morning M80 rush hour  Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Transport 6 February 2012 
Cumbernauld's Central Way goes it bare as Tummel Way says its final farewells  Construction 6 February 2012 
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth's MSP has called for the local area to be put at heart of EGIP Jamie Hepburn MSP, Transport 6 February 2012 
Freezing weather and freezing prices  Finance, Weather 6 February 2012 
Cumbernauld College's radio station is an international success  Cumbernauld College, Entertainment 6 February 2012 
Hospital car park to be closed for repair  NHS Lanarkshire, Transport 6 February 2012 
Cumbernauld has a new cinema  Cumbernauld Theatre, Entertainment 6 February 2012 
Cold snap caused the cancellation of Clyde's away game  Clyde Football Club, Football, Sport, Weather 6 February 2012 
Abronhill Nursery Decision Put On Hold As Scottish Government "Calls In" NLC  Abronhill, Politics 13 May 2012 
Central Scotland MSP, Mark Griffin Pays Cumbernauld "Hear To Help" Session A Visit  Politics 26 July 2012 
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